Who We Are

Who are we

Al-Shehab Al-Mounir Virtual School

Alshihab almunir virtual school

A virtual school licensed and approved by the Ministry of Education in the Syrian Arab Republic that teaches the Syrian curriculum in the Arabic language for all stages of pre-university education and for all our students in the world

Many ways to learn

We strive to provide a distinguished educational model that combines the best mechanisms and strategies for educational work on the one hand, and virtual reality and its tools such as chat programs, virtual laboratories, and an educational platform enhanced with multimedia that enhances the quality of the educational process on the other hand.

Let's learn online

The best place to learn may be where you are, our virtual classrooms allow for online education as well as communication between students and teachers

Through various means of communication, which achieves the follow-up and continuity of the educational process

We support our students

Our teachers are available to answer questions and provide guidance the way you want

They will be in it in an actual classroom ................................ Start today

Integrated platform

We support our goals with an integrated platform through which we share with parents to follow up on the completion of the educational process and the quality of learning, which is our guide to action.